Glass Blowing: The Unique Art


Of the many variations of art, from painting to molding and sculpting, glass blowing has to be one of the most unique forms that we know today due to extravagant glass bongs which anyone can buy online. One has to wonder, how is it that man came to the idea of combining sand, lime, and other elements to create art. Glass blowing, which was first introduced by the Roman Empire around 1st Century, was heavily supported by the Roman Government. These sophisticated designs sparked a widespread interest to the Eastern territories of the Roman Empire. Glassworkers formed workshops following in the footsteps of one of the most dedicated and talented Ennion, who is known as the first Glassmaker and workshop owner. Ennion was proud of his work, and was known for branding each piece with his name.

The influence of Ennion
and those that succeeded him eventually reached far beyond the borders of the Roman Empire, and into Egypt. Evidence of this, which can be dated back to the 3rd Century AD consist of glass blown perfume and oil bottles. These small sculptures are forms of Hellenistic casting, which is written about as a descriptive poem, and printed on papyrus. This shows how intrigued Egyptians were by this form of art. The process of enameling, which is also widely practiced today can also be dated back to Egypt. From Egypt, the art of glassblowing quickly spread to western territories of the Roman Empire, beginning with Italy. Although widespread, Rome continued to remain the most prominent place for Glass blowing, offering several workshops and producing a great amount of glass blown products.

Normally, in the Islamic or Muslim religion it is forbidden to be indulgent in anything. This rule however, did not apply to glass or glass blowing. Members of the muslim community found it hard to resist and often decorated their homes and religious buildings with the decorative glass. They often also used the glass as a manipulative tactic, painting the glass a different color in attempt to make it resemble stone. Through this unusual use of blown glass, they were able to falsely buy and trade goods within their community.

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